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The filter button allows you to control the speed of repeated keys, and slow down the key’s acceptance when needed, avoiding accidental keystrokes or incorrect keys. As with other accessibility features, it can be found in the Easy Access Center section of the control panel.

Open Easy Access Center in Control Panel

From computer with keyboard and mouse
• Press ‘Windows’ + U.
• Move the mouse pointer to the top right corner of the screen to display the charm.
• Click ‘Search’ Charm – A magnifying glass icon.
• Enter the query ‘Ease of Access Center’ in the search box.
• Click the ‘Easy Access Center’ button.
From touch-enabled devices
• Swipe in from the right edge of the screen to show the charm
• Click on the ‘Search’ charm – an icon with magnifying glass.
• Enter the query ‘Ease of Access Center’ in the search box.
• Click the button ‘Easy access to the center’.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
Windows 8.1 Standard Key

Set the filter key

From the ‘Easy Access Center’:
• Under “Browse all settings” select “Let the keyboard be easier to use.”
• Activate the “Open filter key” option under “Easy to enter”.
• To customize your settings, click the “Set Filter Key” link or press “Alt” + “L”.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• To use the keyboard shortcut to turn the filter key on and off, click to select or press ‘Alt’ + ‘K’ to ‘Press and hold the right key SHIFT for 8 seconds to open the filter key’.
• Press ‘Alt’+’A’ or click to select ‘Display warning message when opening settings’.
• Press ‘Alt’+’M’ or click to select ‘Sound on or off when setting’.
• The bounce button prevents keystrokes that are recorded when your finger accidentally touches a key on the keyboard repeatedly.
• Click to select “Open Bounce” or press “Alt” + “B”. You can change the setting to set the time to hold down a key before recording, click to select the time limit, or select “Tab” in the drop-down box and use the arrow keys or click to select the desired setting).
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• Click Select or press ‘Alt’+’R’ to turn on ‘Duplicate and Slow Keys’. This prevents the recording of short keystrokes.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• If you want to hear a sound when you accept keys, click “click when you press or accept keys”.
Windows 8.1 Standard Key
• To display the filter button icon on the taskbar, press ‘Alt’+’I’ or click to select if you want to alert you that the filter button is being enabled.
• Click ‘OK’ or press ‘Alt’+’O’ to save your options.

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