Shock! Upgrade Win10 Anniversary Edition After Cleaning Up System Files

Microsoft has pushed the Win10 anniversary update release system, no matter you are using the OTA upgrade or offline ISO image to install, upgrade Win10 annual update after the C drive system files left as many as dozens of GB storage, it is also necessary to roll back the system files, but if you want to continue to use Windows 10 anniversary of updates, and don’t want to waste the hard disk, you need to do some cleaning.

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Windows10 anniversary update installation Xiangjie
If it is a windows10 user to load the image file directly or open the image file to start upgrading. Select the content you need to retain the content after the click Install (windows7 users can also be upgraded by this step)


Clean the excess system C file method is very simple, just need disk management functions to use Win10 system comes with the C right click properties, click disk cleanup (need to wait for a period of time) – clean up system files (need to wait for a period of time), check the Windows upgrade file, click OK to delete.




Image result for win10 clean

These are just steps:

After cleaning up the system file Windows upgrade part of the file, will also delete the Windows.old file will affect the rollback feature, please be careful to operate

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