Free Shared Windows 10 key Infomation

Windows 10 key Infomation

During the upgrade, with a local account (account and computer bound) Microsoft family security children will not migrate to the security of its security settings to Windows 10. This means that after the completion of the upgrade to Windows 10, parents need to set up security settings for children and Microsoft accounts (if they do not have the words.

The Abandoned Function:

If you are using Windows 7 home premium, Windows 7 Professional Edition, Windows 7, ultimate Windows 8 Professional Edition, Windows 8.1 Professional Edition (Media Center), to install Windows 10, Windows Media Center will be deleted. For systems from these early versions of the Windows upgrade to the Windows 10 (“eligible system”), the DVD player application (“DVD Player Windows”) will be installed within the defined time (“valid”). Note: DVD Player Windows may not be installed immediately; the application will be installed after the first successful Windows update. Windows DVD Player: can be purchased for the system meets the following conditions from the Window store (I) is a qualified system, but the validity has expired; (II) is not a qualified system; or (III) system is qualified, but with a new installation in the subsequent installation Windows 10 (in this case, the Windows update could not be detected before it is qualified system)

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If you have already installed Live Essentials Windows on your system, the OneDrive application will be removed and replaced by the built-in version of the OneDrive.

OneDrive does not support Windows 10 in the placeholder files. 8.1 Windows of available files in OneDrive (not on a local device placeholder file). In Windows 10, users can choose which folders to sync through the OneDrive settings.

In the tablet PC mode can only be posted on 2 applications


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